According to the Financial Markets Committee (FMC), Malaysia’s onshore financial markets continue to function stable after they reopened Monday.

The FMC said the activities are moving smooth among market participants. “Overall, investors’ sentiments and reactions have been positive,” added the FMC founded by Bank Negara Malaysia in 2016.

The Star Online reported: “The president of the Financial Markets Association of Malaysia Datuk Lee Kok Kwan said since the re-opening of the onshore ringgit market on Monday, the local unit traded close to its last traded price prior to the GE14. Markets were closed on Wednesday to Friday.”

“Malaysian economic fundamentals remain strong, reinforced by current account surplus, strong reserves position, low level of external indebtedness and a well-capitalised banking system,” he said.

The FMC includes representatives from Bank Negara, financial institutions, corporations and financial service providers that actively participate in financial markets.