In a joint news conference the US President Donald Trump said he suggested to Theresa May about suing the EU.

According to the BBC News report, May replied: “He told me I should sue the EU—not go into negotiations.”

British politician and member of parliament Robert Courts quit parliamentary private secretary over her Brexit plans. In his tweet, he said: “I have taken very difficult decision to resign position as PPS to express discontent with Chequers in votes tomorrow.

“I had to think who I wanted to see in the mirror for the rest of my life. I cannot tell the people of WOxon that I support the proposals in their current form.”

Mrs. May did not appear to take Trump’s proposal very seriously. However, she also added: “Interestingly, what the president also said at that press conference was ‘don’t walk away’.

“Don’t walk away from those negotiations because then you’ll be stuck. So I want us to be able to sit down to negotiate the best deal for Britain.”

In an interview with US TV network CBS, Trump exclaimed: “Maybe she’ll take it, it’s something she could do if she wanted to.

“But it was strong advice. And I think it probably would have worked.”