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Abu Dhabi banks signal high performance in Q4 2017

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The Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi research findings show a total revenue of US$8.39bn in the fourth quarter, a remarkable rise from the start of 2017

Commercial banks and Islamic banks in Abu Dhabi have reported a total revenue of US$8.39bn in 2017, according to Statistics Centre’s recent data findings.

Commercial banks in Abu Dhabi account for a greater share—82% of the total revenue, which estimates to US$6.89bn, and Islamic banks hold 17.2% of the revenue.

In the third quarter, the net earnings was valued at US$2.1bn with a gradual rise of 1.25% towards the fourth quarter. Referring to the data, the highest performance was seen in the last quarter at US$7.815bn.

The statistics for the first and second quarter of 2017 was US$2.09bn and US$2.07bn, respectively.

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