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Access Bank Mozambique: Moving towards achieving fast-track & sustainable growth

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Customers can take out loans at Access Bank Mozambique and receive money instantly, through M-Pesa, without needing a Bank account

Access Bank Mozambique, which is a subsidiary of Access Bank Plc and ranked among the top 20 banks in Africa by assets and capital, prioritizes the task of fulfilling the goal of achieving fast-track, sustainable and significant growth.

Access Bank’s leadership was recently validated by an update of its risk ratings by renowned international and national rating agencies like S&P, Fitch Ratings and Augusto & Co, thus validating the financial institution’s improved market position, strong capitalization, strong liquidity profile and larger distribution networks.

Winning awards has also been a habit over the years, as they have achieved global honours on various occasions. Some of them are the World Finance Award (2019), Karlsruhe Sustainable Finance Awards (2019), Euro money Private Banking (2018), and Central Bank of Nigeria (2018).

The Bank is focused on integrating sustainable business practices into its operations to stay true to its strategy of achieving continuous growth.
With a massive base of over 96,000 customers, Access Bank Mozambique is currently offering personalized and innovative solutions through a nationwide network of 11 branches.

The Bank is driven daily by the ambition to be the most respected African banking institution in the world, a dream whose realization lies entirely in the commitment exhibited by its employees. Valuing human resources is the infallible way to get equipped with technical and behavioural skills to build good internal and external relationships.

Access Bank Mozambique has consolidated its commitment to the communities where it operates and as part of that, the bank has been asserting itself by launching innovative products and services that meet the customers’ needs. Some of these include financial inclusion and savings products and a wide range of international trading products.

The Bank recently launched Access Africa, an international transfer platform allowing users (whether they are Access Bank customers or not) to send and receive money to and from all Access subsidiaries within Africa.

Txuna-Mpesa and Prepaid Cards in foreign currency are another set of innovative solutions (being the first ever African bank to do so) in the Credit category. Customers can take out loans at Access Bank Mozambique and receive money instantly, through M-Pesa, without needing a Bank account.

Prepaid Cards are rechargeable ones that allow customers to purchase and pay in physical and virtual stores in different currencies (MZN, USD, GBP, ZAR and EURO), without exchange rate fluctuations.

Committed to working with a focus on the satisfaction of its customers, partners and communities, Access Bank segments its social responsibility targets in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

It presents itself as the bank for African women and youth through various empowerment, education and training projects. The bank also looks at promoting and implementing environmental sustainability as a top priority right now and it is coming up with guidelines and initiatives that meet the ever-changing climate concerns.

The Bank always welcomes achievements that recognize the quality of its services and honours its commitment to innovation and providing sound financial solutions. All these have been possible due to the financial institution’s highly professional and committed teams.

Access Bank has always shown immense gratitude towards its customers and stakeholders for being part of its wonderful journey. This transformational ride will only end when the bank achieves the title of the most respected African bank globally, which is not a distant possibility anymore.

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