One of world’s biggest logistics firm Agility is set to invest $100mn over a span of three years to launch is a logistics platform that enables businesses and consumers to seamlessly manage their freight and e-commerce deliveries online.

According to Saudi Gazette, “ makes life easier through technology, whether you are a small business running your supply chain with a few clicks, or a consumer getting your shopping delivered with a few taps on your phone.

“ makes logistics convenient, jargon-free, trackable, accountable and accessible.” Using this logistics platform, consumers and businesses can meet their demand the same day, the following day or across the Arabian Gulf. It even allows small businesses to extract instant freight quotes or track shipment via any digital or mobile device.

“Logistics is the backbone of commerce. But it’s complex, and that complexity is disproportionately difficult for small businesses to navigate. Small businesses often lack access to the logistics resources, tools and solutions that larger businesses have,” Al-Saleh said. “No wonder then, that we interviewed 800 small and medium-sized businesses around the world, we found that 78% wanted to see their logistics move online. Shipa helps close that gap, empowering small businesses to take advantage of the opportunities being created by the global digital economy.”