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Albilad Capital CEO is awarded the Best Emerging Investment CEO in the Kingdom for the year 2021

Albilad Capital is making strides in the industry as it grew by more than 22% annually and the company maintained a market share of more than 31%

Mr. Zaid AlMufarih, Chief Executive Officer of Albilad Capital, recently received an international award presented by the international publishing house “International Finance Magazine” for the achievements accomplished by Albilad Capital during the period chaired by Mr. Zaid AlMufarih since the beginning of 2018, which had an impact on the growth and empowerment of the company’s revenues from obtaining advanced positions within the financial market institutions in the Kingdom.

In terms of numbers, Mr. Zaid AlMufarih contributed to driving Albilad Capital’s growth at all levels. The company’s revenue grew by more than 22% annually, and Albilad Capital maintained a market share of more than 31% for local Direct Custody, reaching 135 billion Saudi Riyals in Assets Under Custody during the year 2020, at a rate of approximately 102% annually during the past four years. In terms of Assets Under Management (AUM), the value of assets for DPMs have grown by nearly 385% over the past four years, in addition to the growth in AUM of public funds by approximately 285% during the same period.

Mr. Zaid AlMufarih also contributed to the introduction and launching of innovative investment products that contribute to the development of the Saudi financial market and in line with the aspirations of investors, such as Albilad Saudi Sovereign Sukuk ETF and Albilad Gold ETF, the first of its kind in the Middle East.

In this context, Mr. Zaid AlMufarih stressed his keenness to continue achieving success, continuing innovation, providing investment solutions that contribute to developing the investment environment of the Kingdom, meet the needs of investors and the aspirations of our Clients, in line with our vision To be the Local Premier Provider of Innovative Financial Solutions and Investment Products aiming to be among the top 5 Capital Market Institutions (CMIs) in terms of Return on Equity (RoE).

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