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Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa powers human-tech interaction

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The app is augmented with new capabilities such as send a text message to any device and voice control feature

Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa is now technologically advanced with new additions along with its existing features. 

Users can instruct the voice-assistant to send a text message to a recipient by saying “Alexa, text XYZ.” However, users must ensure the person is added to their phone contact list.

For now, the feature is only available in the US. The Alexa feature will work only if the app is downloaded on Android or powered with an Alexa device. In the earlier version, Alexa was only capable of sending messages to other Alexa-powered devices.

The latest upgrade allows the app to send texts to any messaging device including iPhones.

The following steps will allow users to set up the text feature: Open the Alexa app > select contacts in the conversation tab > select my profile > enable the message feature.

The virtual assistant is also said to come to Windows PCs from HP, ASUS and Acer, “bringing the digital assistance squarely into Microsoft territory,” according to GeekWire. 

Other Alexa-powered devices such as Echo Show can provide videos calls as well. This month, Amazon introduced voice control capabilities for its app on Android. Users can ask questions and access information on topics of interest such as music, smart home, news, weather and much more.

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