The heavy rainfall caused devastating floods through western and central Japan. It resulted in a loss of life of for over 200 and caused millions to evacuate. Apple has also expressed its sympathies to those affected by the floods, and wished for speedy reconstruction.

While the company usually does not cover liquid damage – it has made an exception in this case. Any repairable iPhones, Macs, iPads, iPods, Apple Watches and Apple displays directly damaged by flooding will be fixed by the company for no charge. Accessories will not be included as part of the offer.

Customers can call Apple Support and get their devices picked up for repair, according to a report by Cnet. The call can be made at the support line at 0120-27753-5. The devices will be accepted through end of September. Repaired devices will be returned through delivery.

Apple has noted that pickup and delivery services may be possibly delayed or temporarily suspended due to the flooding.