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Aviva Investors target UK with GBP10 bn investments

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The company seeks to invest in the country’s infrastructure and real estate over the next three years

Aviva Investors are targeting investment worth GBP10 billion into UK infrastructure and real estate. Aviva investors are a part of the global asset management business of Aviva. It is reported that the investments will take place over the next three years. 

They are already a significant investor in the UK real estate sector. Aviva Investors target opportunities in asset classes, private debt and structured finances. Amanda Blanc, CEO at Aviva, told the media, “Aviva is investing in UK infrastructure and real estate to help our economy and communities bounce back. We plan to invest in the UK’s regions and cities, in critical areas such as social housing, renewable energy and rail networks. The investments being made will ultimately fund people’s savings and retirement, aiming to deliver stable returns to our customers and funding a sustainable future for the UK.”

Increasing allocation of funds from investors to the real estate sector comes at a time when interest rates remain low and public markets volatility. It will take time for the uncertainty triggered by the coronavirus pandemic to diffuse. Currently, Aviva Investors is demonstrating work in projects in the UK, media reports said. 

It is reported that nearly GBP6.5 worth of commitments will stem from Aviva group companies and the remaining amount will be from external client mandates. The company has already completed two investments in the country’s social housing sector. It provided financing to Coastal Housing Group and Settle Housing.

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