In an attempt to digitise the insurance industry, Swiss insurer Baloise has struck a strategic partnership with French app-developer Valoo, reported finews. Baloise will be Valoo’s insurance partner in Switzerland. Baloise confirmed the partnership today in its company’s news stating:

“As part of its Simply Safe strategy, Baloise is working on the digital transformation of its business. Alliances are a key pillar of the strategy, alongside investments in start-ups and internal development initiatives. Baloise has now entered into a new alliance in Switzerland with the digital asset management platform ‘Valoo’. The partnership offers great future potential and will simplify the life of its customers.”

As stated by the company, the partnership will not only help customers but will also assist in direct processes from purchasing to selling to assessing services and policies. Baloise has allotted around 50mn francs to be involved with digital startups in Europe and the UK.