Leading global payments and cloud specialist Renovite Technologies will be in New York later this month to present and discuss the growing importance of quality assurance in payments technology in the context of increasing regulatory pressure around new financial products.

The objective is to promote information sharing and discourse between heads of quality assurance and platform architecture at financial firms and among key decision-makers and stakeholders in IT investment, including operational risk managers and IT risk managers.

Commenting ahead of the conference Jim Tomaney, chief operating officer at Renovite Technologies, said: “The pace in demand for new innovations in consumer products is rapidly increasing and along with it, the pressure on businesses to bring these products to market at break-neck speed. It is vital financial services organisations can fully automate the end-to-end testing of payment products and avoid the delays and errors which can occur through manual testing and ad-hoc tools that aren’t necessarily well suited to an organisation’s individual requirement.

“We have developed our testing application Reno-Test using 21-century cloud-native technology and it is capable of testing an enterprise’s entire payments platform. Ultimately, it is a positive consumer experience that counts and that’s what we are here to guarantee. You don’t have to look too far into the headlines to see what can happen when a bank or business suffers an outage because they haven’t tested their system using the right software.”