Distributed ledger technology has become an important topic around the world. Uncountable projects have been launched and are still setting foot in the business world. There are many different areas of application: starting with cryptocurrencies, to accounting and voting or even energy supply.

On January 21, 2019 the Blockchain Forum brings together experts, thought leaders and professionals in distributed ledger technology for the third time in Zurich. A great variety of presentations and discussions ensure that everyone’s needs and challenges are met. Since blockchain is a technology without borders, both national and international financial market regulations of cryptocurrencies have to be taken into account as well as the financial market legal framework in Switzerland.

At the Blockchain Forum ways will be shown how to reduce and avoid high volatility in cryptocurrencies. Moreover a variety of exciting business applications will be presented, as blockchain is more than only cryptocurrencies. Leading questions of the conference are: Is the blockchain the right tool for the business ideas of a company and how can those blockchain projects be implemented? Through select success stories from corporates, e.g. Car Dossier, and the public sector the latest experiences from practitioners will be highlighted.

For further information, visit www.blockchain-forum.net/en/agenda