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Boeing now faces shoddy manufacturing allegations with Dreamliner

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Workers allege that safety norms are flouted at South Carolina facility

There is more trouble in the offing for Boeing with workers alleging that the Dreamliner aircraft too faces manufacturing issues at its production facility in South Carolina, according to an investigation by The New York Times. Boeing has denied the allegations.

According to the US newspaper, the aircraft manufacturer reportedly pressured staff working on its 787 Dreamliner to speed up production despite employee complaints about potential safety risks and defective manufacturing.

Employees who were involved in the production of the Boeing Dreamliner reportedly told the paper that  they were pressured to not report regulatory violations to authorities. The workers have filed numerous complaints with the US government with regard to under par manufacturing practices and debris left on aircraft at the Boeing Dreamliner production line.

The paper reports that the culture at Boeing prefers production speed over maintaining safety standards and manufacturing quality. Not only were faulty parts installed inside planes, but aircrafts have also taken off with tools and metal shavings left inside them, creating accident hazards.

According to the report, at least one airline, Qatar Airways, has raised issues with regard to the manufacturing quality of planes at the South Carolina plant. Qatar Airways also shifted aircraft purchases to a different facility in 2014.

The allegations come at possibly the worst time for Boeing with the  company already facing a federal criminal probe with regard to the certification process of the Boeing 737 Max.

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