As of early this morning. Bolsonaro won the first round of the presidential election and will face left-wing Workers’ Party candidate Fernando Haddad in Round 2 expected to take place on 28 October.

Bolsonaro failed to win the 50% valid vote majority that would have given him the election easily, and he claims this didn’t happen due to problems with the electronic voting system.

BBC stated that Bolsonaro won 46% of votes and Haddad 29%.

Bolsonaro, a Catholic, has garnered support from Brazil’s evangelical Christians to whom he has promised upholding family values. He has also gained the trust of many Brazilians on grounds of restoring law and order, handing out tough punishments to offenders, relaxing gun ownership laws, legitimising torture for criminals and restoring the death penalty.

In a victory speech, available on Facebook and Twitter, Bolsonaro said, “[There is] the path of prosperity, liberty. family, on God’s side… and the other one is that of Venezuela, We can’t take another step to the left! We can’t go fraternising with socialism or communism,”

Bolsonaro has a real chance in that several Brazilians would not like to see a representative of the Workers’ Party emerge winner. On the other hand, there are a sufficient number of voters who don’t want a far-right leadership either.

Meanwhile. Haddad said the Workers’ Party will use only arguments and not guns to validate their points, a stark contrast to Bolsonaro’s political rhetoric.

“We need to approach this with a sense of responsibility. We want to unite the democrats of this country, to reduce inequality and to achieve social justice,” he told his supporters.