Thursday, Oct 6, 2022
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California utilities spend US$768mn for electric vehicles

State regulators in California have approved plans for three largest utilities in the region

The California Public Utilities Commission approved the utility plans for Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, and Southern California Edison.

Commissioner of the California Energy Commission Carla Peterman, said: “Other states are watching, other utilities are watching, and I think this proposed decision moves us in the right direction.”

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Pacific Gas & Electric  will spend more than US$22mn on installing 230 direct current fast-charging stations in the state. Both Pacific Gas & Electric  and Southern California Edison will spend US$236.3mn and US$342.6mn, respectively, “on infrastructure and rebates to support electric trucks, buses, and other medium or heavy-duty vehicles.”

Additionally, San Diego Gas & Electric has reserved funds worth US$136.9mn to provide rebates for nearly 60,000 customers to install charging stations at home.

PG&E spokeswoman, Ari Vanrenen, said: “This is a huge area that really needs to be tackled, and we think because the utilities have a strong history in infrastructure projects, we fit in really well into this space.”

Baumhefner of the Natural Resources Defense Council, said: “There’s a complementary relationship here, with VW diesel money for zero-emission trucks and buses, and utility investments providing the plugs for those zero-emission trucks and buses. It stretches the state’s VW money twice as far.”

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