Pitney Bowes, a technology company has just published its 2018 Parcel Shipping Index which reveals from a global perspective:

· Parcel shipping boosted the global economy by $279bn in 2017

· Parcel volume grew by 17%, on the year before, to almost 75bn parcels

· Parcel revenue grew by 11% on the year before

· By 2020, more than 100bn parcels will be shipped annually

· Despite softer consumer spending, China had the highest growth in parcel volume (28%), followed by India (14%)

· On average, Japan saw 76 parcels shipped per person, followed by the UK (48 per person) and Germany (42 per person)

From a UK perspective, the research found that:

· The volume of parcels sent in the UK grew by 8% YOY, in 2017, with more than 3.2bn sent

· This increase was driven by a booming e-commerce market, which now accounts for 16% of all retail sales in the country

· The revenue generated from parcel shipping in the UK in 2017 was an increase of 5.3% on the previous year

· On average, 48 parcels per person were shipped in 2017

· The UK parcel market is highly consolidated, with the top five carriers (Royal Mail, Hermes, Amazon Logistics, DHL, UPS) accounting for 80% of parcel shipments in the country

· While carriers may experience short term volume gains from Brexit, challenges exist over the medium to long term

· Despite Brexit related challenges, carriers in the UK are confident in the country’s ability to sustain trade; and are making significant investments in fulfillment centres and parcel sorting hubs