E-Trade Financial data indicates that several wealthy investors are not largely focused on short-term political risks. In fact, they are not making big changes to their portfolios after midterm election. “These are more experienced investors, sitting tight and staying the course,” said Mike Loewengart, chief investment officer at E-Trade Capital Management. “Any near-term noise is never a good idea to make wholesale changes. Over longer periods of times these events are less meaningful.”

The survey was carried out between Nov. 7 and Nov. 12. The respondents included 900 investors who trade their own accounts, and the results of the survey have been exclusively shared with CNBC. The findings show that nearly 60% to 70% make no portfolio changes as a result of the elections. Nearly 47% of respondents expect the volatility to remain while 44% of them foresee an increase.

Loewengart also added that “There will be a pullback, there will be another recession, they are certain of it happening, but don’t know when,” and this mindset can clearly distinguish wealthy investors from the rest.”

The bigger chunk of millionaires believe there is only one to two years remaining for stocks before the bull market comes to an end. “That is considerably higher than what we saw in the overall survey or when we break down the results by Democrats or Republicans,” he said.