The partnership between the UK-based fintech firm and the international financial services tech provider was facilitated in order to integrate blockchain tech solutions, according to a press release issued on July 31.

Billon refers to itself as a  “civilized blockchain” company– meaning that it implements blockchain to ultimately process fiat currencies. FIS is an Florida-based international company that has more than 55,000 employees located across 130 countries and beyond, specializing in banking software and payment processing.

FIS will be collaborating with Billon to assess the use of Billion’s “distributed architecture for document and identity management” for the FIS international fintech suite and “explore joint product development and sales opportunities for its portfolio of corporate blockchain solutions.”

Billon and FIS will also evaluate the potential to work together on corporate and SME payments—as well as micropayments for smartphones and other digital devices, according to the press release.

Earlier this spring, Billon had also partnered with the Polish Credit Office (BIK), the largest credit bureau in Central Europe—in order to integrate blockchain tech for customer data storage.