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Global crypto exchange Bitterz launches in Japan

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It is offering $50 worth of bitcoins to all customers who open a new account

Global crypto exchange platform Bitterz has launched in Japan and is offering $50 worth of bitcoins to all customers who opens a new account, media reports said. The crypto exchange earlier said that it will start providing its services to customers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and also Korea.

Bitterz in Japan offers a highly secure trading environment along with  24-hour monitoring for dealing and security; provides a cold wallet to protect customers’ holdings, and a two-step authentication system to prevent unauthorised logins. It also doesn’t charge on transfers and withdrawals.

Bitterz, which was created with the aim of making cryptocurrencies a universal instrument for forex trading, is a Crypto CFD trading platform.

Last week, Oki Matsumoto, head of Japan’s Monex Group said that central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) will help boost trading of cryptocurrencies by providing a more convenient platform for converting cryptocurrencies into legal tenders.

He further said that CBDCs will significantly enhance the interoperability of cryptocurrencies and that it would make the cryptocurrency market more lively.

Bitcoin surged to an all-time high against the dollar on Monday, rallying to $19,857, boosted by increased demand from both institutional and retail investors that perceives bitcoin as a safe bet and a hedge against inflation.

Sergey Nazarov, the co-founder of Chainlink, a decentralised network that provides data to smart contracts on the blockchain, told the media, “Bitcoin is a natural safe haven for those seeking shelter from rapidly increasing central bank money printing and the inflation that everyone agrees is already increasing.”

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