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Gulf Bank’s WISE offering

Global, customised and efficient investment opportunities

Gulf Bank is offering its Priority and Wealth Management clients a new advisory and portfolio management offering — WISE Investment Service. This unique offering provides clients with the opportunity to diversify their investments through international markets in an easy, transparent and cost-efficient manner.

Licensed and based on market research
The new service is licensed by the Central Bank of Kuwait and Kuwait’s Capital Markets Authority, and was developed based on significant research of the needs of Gulf Bank’s Priority and Wealth Management clients.

The first of its kind in Kuwait
Gulf Bank developed the WISE Investment Service — a distinctive offering in Kuwait — in a way that allows exposure to investment opportunities around the world through a trusted banking partner and dedicated relationship manager. Through WISE, the bank is offering the best risk adjusted returns by investing with long-term view in a globally diversified portfolio consisting of low cost passive index investment and by tracking the returns of the market.

Diversified investment opportunities
By offering its customers WISE, Gulf Bank has simplified the investment process by determining each client’s risk appetite and investment goals and providing various customised investment scenarios to deliver the most optimal portfolio. WISE’s portfolio consists of nearly 5,000 securities and companies on average, providing Gulf Bank clients with an extensive range of options to suit their specific investment needs across the world.
Simplified investment approach that measures risk
WISE offers multiple, tailor-made portfolios based on each client’s investment objective, length of investment and risk preferences, in partnership with top international financial institutions.

A Noble Prize-winning strategy
WISE follows the Nobel Prize-winning strategy of passive index investing. The main principle of this investment strategy is that it is impossible to consistently beat the market in the long run, focusing on the best risk adjusted returns that are created by investing with a long-term view in a globally diversified portfolio.

Strong focus on exchange-traded funds (ETF)
WISE is based on historic performance across a variety of portfolios to enhance the opportunity for investment returns for clients, with a focus on Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF) from trustworthy providers that have a low cost of ownership.

Ongoing monitoring and optimisation
Throughout the process and over the course of the established investment time, Gulf Bank will continuously monitor and optimise the portfolio. WISE also allows clients to view their investment portfolios any time and anywhere, with easy access through secure online and mobile banking.

Costs and taxes
A management fee is paid on an annual basis. Portfolios are US dollar dominated, designed to distribute dividends, be tax efficient and have sufficient liquidity, along with an established track record.

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