Wednesday, Jun 29, 2022
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HERE maps its new presence in Boulder

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HERE collects data through cameras and sensors to advance their map facilities

HERE, a company offering car navigation services in Europe and North America, services on Wednesday inaugurated its new office in Boulder, reported Denver Business Journal.

Collection of live data that has been streamed from sensors & cameras on cars and implementing the inputs to modernise computerised maps will be the focus of the team in Boulder. HERE gathers these information themselves and with the aid of its partner companies.

Carolyn Johnston, HERE’s principal scientist and site leader for the Boulder office said: “Boulder has always been a hotbed of geospatial technology, there’s a group of people here who are already trained up in this area and who have been looking for a challenge.”

Ralf Herrtwich, senior vice president at HERE for the automotive division opined: “We’re taking the company from a map publishing house, with quarterly updates, to a real-time mapping company where we collect information about changes in the real world and provide information about those changes in real time.”

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