Society for Human Resource Management’s network for executives and thought leaders: HR People + Strategy recently announced a research initiative called “The New Workforce.” The initiative is built with a focus to understand workers in businesses across sectors.

Josh Bersin, a research advisor to HRPS, conducted the research, and is based on a HR executives survey including one-on-one interviews.

“Research shows that around 80% of companies treat non-salaried, contingent workers as vendors who are managed through procurement processes,” said Bersin. “Given that more and more companies are relying on non-salaried workers—whether they are part-timers, freelancers, or consultants—to counter the tight labor market, we’ve got to update our HR practices to reflect the realities of today’s very diverse workforces. Furthermore, HR leaders need to create positive work experiences for these people that are just as engaging as those for full-time employees.”

According to the SHRM press release, the following topics are covered:

  • Business drivers for hiring of contingent workers
  • The benefits and challenges of a contingent workforce
  • Processes for hiring, on-boarding, training, and ongoing management
  • How contingent workers are screened and evaluated
  • Practices for integrating contingent workers with full-time workers
  • Leadership training to fully optimise the skills and talents of contingent workers