How is MarketsandMarkets different from other research and advisory firms such as Information Services Group (ISG)?

We are the only company that provides revenue estimations of new ecosystems and identifies the impact of adjacent ecosystems/converged industries on revenue growth. We also provide information on the current competitive landscape.We have a competitive edge over the Big Four consulting firms because of our existing off-the-shelf research. Companies approach MarketsandMarkets before they reach out to any of these firms.

Also, later this year, we will be introducing a new, unique research platform that combines our proprietary analyst research and artificial intelligence, which will surely disrupt competitors like Gartner. Our mechanism is built to handle issues of bias, customer requirements and interactivity; with this, companies can improve their ratings. This platform will also predict ideal pairings between the buyer and seller sides.

Being the world’s largest research firm, how do you identify new market entries for growth?

This is a very interesting question. What is critical to market entry is to evaluate all the possible adjacent markets, technologies, use cases and partners which are likely to impact a company’s revenue in a new market. Other research firms cannot match our broad coverage on adjacent markets. As a result, companies decide to work with us, as the chances of missing out on important next-generation revenue opportunities due to unknown adjacencies are relatively less.

What are your insights on retaining top talent?

We have a simple belief at MarketsandMarkets, “See dollars, show dollars.” If my analysts or sales team can create a tangible impact on the revenues of our clients, the same will be reflected in our business with these clients. We simply share the upside with our people.

We have launched a strategic growth program wherein each analyst is mapped to a few clients. If they bring tangible revenue impact to the businesses of these mapped clients – and if the same is measurable – we share the upside of our growing business with these clients.This brings our analysts unmatched growth in the industry, making it a win-win proposition.

You can read the full interview in our May issue