The Swedish company aims to build the world’s first climate-positive datacentre, stated news reports.

“The collaboration with EcoDataCenter means we are entering a rapidly expanding industry with substantial future potential, and our shared expertise will enable us to create a new investment segment in the Swedish real estate market,” Leif Andersson, the founder of Areim, said in a statement.

“Together with Areim, EcoDataCenter can create a distinct environmentally profiled and qualitative Nordic alternative for major international players interested in establishing operations in the Nordic countries,” said Lars Thunell, chairman of EcoDataCenter’s board of directors.

This collaboration is also expected to provide EcoDataCenter with the financial muscle to acquire existing datacentres from other large companies to consolidate the Nordic market and expand the concept with carbon dioxide-positive datacentres.

Located in Falun, Central Sweden would be the first EcoDataCenter, which is a few months away from completion. It will be powered by clean energy and export waste heat, feeding it into the local district heating network. The original plan envisages three buildings and 18MW of power capacity, with the first 2MW of capacity coming into operation in the next few months.

Reports stated that the facility will have a PUE of 1.15 and Tier IV reliability, along with LEED Platinum certification. It features a custom cooling system, and the roof will be planted with flowers to help cool the servers underneath.

Henceforth, Areim will decide the future course of direction for EcoDataCenter.