Investing in a solid TEM (Telecom Expense Management) Provider can be extremely beneficial to your business. Hiring a solid TEM provider frees up your company’s internal resources while keeping your organization in tip-top shape. While looking for a qualified TEM provider, there are some key factors to focus on as you look.


Look for a provider that will communicate with you and properly identify your needs. Once those needs are identified, that TEM provider should be able to find you vendors that can meet those needs. After the TEM provider has presented you its recommendations, then all you should need to do is choose the option that best suits your goals.


There is a lot that goes into telecom management. It’s up to you to decide how much you want to put on your TEM provider, but the best will do it all for you. If your budget is limited, try to find a TEM provider that can do some of what you ask for with that you can afford.

Ideally, a TEM provider should also be able to manage your asset inventory and maintain a comprehensive list of all contracts and invoices. The best TEM providers maintain optimal visibility for their clients.


Your TEM provider should be able to communicate and work seamlessly with all of your internal departments related to telecom management. There also should be two-way information so each section is aware of everything that’s going on within that sector of the company.

Checks & Balances

Your TEM provider should be performing regular audits of invoices to ensure you are not being inaccurately billed for services or equipment you don’t possess. You should have clear visibility into your TEM provider’s audit system, or at least receive regular audit reports.


Your TEM provider should be managed by experts in the industry who can give you good advice and make sure that your experience with the provider is a good one. They’ll keep you up to date on technologies and solutions for your business.


A good TEM provider will handle all of the help desk functions of telecom. If your company is having an issue with a certain vendor, your TEM provider should be the one to work out the problem for you.


A good TEM provider should know how to work out the best deals from a variety of service and equipment providers. If you think that a potential TEM is not responsive to your needs in the beginning, then they probably aren’t going to be able to negotiate well when that event comes.

The good news is that there are many different TEM providers for you to choose from. Think about the services that are most important to your business, and that should help you identify a provider that would fit your needs. If you look for the traits above, you’ll be able to find a stellar TEM service that’ll take some of the most tedious management work off of your company’s shoulders and allow your company to run smoother.

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