Gideon Brothers, an ambitious Croatian technology startup– specialising in building Industrial robots, has managed to raise $765k in its latest round of funding.

The round is led by Taavet Hinrikus, the co-founder of Transferwise. He has added Gideon Brothers in his latest portfolio of investments – after backing fintech startup Cleo, legal technology startup Juro, and satellite company Open Cosmos recently. Other members that also participated in the seed round include former Wired UK editor David Rowan, as well as some unnamed Croatian angel investors.

Gideon Brothers was founded in early 2017, and currently comprises a 40-plus team of deep learning and robotics experts – including 5 PhDs and 27 Masters of Hardware and Software engineering. The company has since committed itself to build AI-powered robots for various industrial applications. They have built a technology called “The Brain”, which combines 3D computer vision and deep learning, in order to make robots aware about the environment.

The startup has described its first product as an “autonomous and modular intralogistics robot” that is capable of operating with large pallets in the manufacturing, warehouse and commercial sectors.

“We are targeting the remaining 90 percent of the world’s industrial facilities that are completely old school, traditional and centered around human beings as the drivers of those facilities and the business model.” says Matija Kopic, CEO and co-founder of Gideon Brothers.

Hinrikus has also echoed this sentiment by pledging his full support.“[Gideon Brothers is] building a killer deep tech team. This will be the best team of deep tech talent to the east from here (well, before we get to China),” he said.