According to data by Bangladesh Bankthe share of the total investment of Islamic Banks added up to 24.02% end of third quarter this year. In the previous quarter, the banks accounted for 23.93%.

“The Islamic banking sector is dominating among different segments of Bangladesh’s Islamic finance industry. This segment continued to show rapid expansion in terms of growth of assets, deposits, investments, and number of account holders,” said a senior official at Bangladesh Bank.

In addition, he said the investment share of the sector can be calculated to nearly 25% of the entire banking sector.

The Dhaka Tribune reported that “the total deposits in Islamic banks reached Tk2,27,814.44 crore, which increased by Tk3,056.64 crore (1.36%) compared to the previous quarter, and by Tk23,807.38 crore (11.67%), compared to the corresponding quarter of the previous year.”