Sometimes, there is a possibility to indulge in an excessive online shopping spree during holiday seasons because of exciting deals and one-time offers that come around. For the uninitiated, it often becomes the ripe time for online scammers to thieve identities.

However, there are a few companies looking to give the right advice.

Stan Lozovsky, VP of H2L Solutions, said: “A lot of deals get emailed out, and so sometimes a deal comes in through an inbox in your email is sometimes too good to be true. Just check before you click and do your own research before you click on any links that you receive through an email.”

Being a cyber security company in Huntsville, H2L Solutions largely specialises in  Department of Defense agencies and commercial industries, reports WAFF 48 News.

It is best for shoppers to use a credit card while shopping during the season. “You actually have some insurance built into credit cards which you don’t when you use a debit card,” Lozovsky added. She even suggests that while looking for portals, ‘Amazon’ and ‘Walmart’ are more reliable and legit.