Linkedin has released a list of the top companies that job-seekers would like to work in. Besides technology, the list includes companies in the financial services, real estate, sporting goods, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, retail, PR & communications and entertainment sectors.

The top 10 companies are:

  1. Alphabet– The parent company of Google, Alphabet has 72,000 employees. Apart from its search engine, mail service and other products, an attractive feature is its goal ofutilising100 percent renewable energy for its operations.
  2. Amazon– A leave-friendly company from the internet industry with 341,400 employees all over the globe, Amazon offers the option of ‘leave share’, allowing employees to pass on six weeks of paid leave to a spouse or partner who isn’t eligible for parental leave at their employer.
  3. Facebook– With global employee strength touching 17,000, Facebook is striving to bring down the issues of fake news, online extremism; and is developing new features for Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus VR.
  4. Salesforce – An US based cloud computing company having 25,000employees, Salesforce allows employees to safely and openly share opinions and settlegrievancesthrough an ‘Airing of Grievances’ feedback forum.
  5. Uber – Although in recent times Uberhas earned an appalling reputation over work conditions, the number of job applications is going up. Employees enjoy gifts like monthly ride credits and attractive equity plans.
  6. Tesla–A pioneering US auto-maker, Tesla has 30,000global employees who can get the change to drive a Tesla Roadster and occasionally to take one home for the weekend.
  7. Apple– A pioneering consumer electronics brand, having global employee strength of 110,000, the company comes up with surprise musical guests and supplies free apples round the clock.
  8. Time Warner– Time Warner offers film and television screenings in its offices featuring the latest content from its brands. The entertainment giant boasts employee strength of 25,000 spread across the globe.
  9. The Walt Disney Company– Another entertainment giant, Walt Disney, having 195,000 employees, itprovides entertainment also for its employees and their families with free passes to all Disney theme parks.
  10. Comcast– With 160,000 employees, Comcast, a media production company, offers all of its full-time employees free digital television and internet.

The list reveals characteristics which make these companies attractive to job-seekers. Apart from the culture and business model, the list mentions other factors like the opportunities to find solutions to critical challenges and earning significant compensation as standout factors.