Saturday, Feb 4, 2023
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MWM vs Adobe: The battle for visual supremacy

MWM will put their upcoming platforms on the warpath against Adobe’s 'Premiere Rush' video-editing app

French mobile app development platform MWM eyes the United States market as its new publishing unit making the company a competitor against Adobe.

While MWM is popular in France due to its best-selling mobile audio editor EdjingMix, it has a strategic goal of making its presence felt in the American market, with a target of participating in iOS and Android app manufacture-related activities there.

It is looking for a profit-sharing model in the US market, with the task of helping app developers to come up with solutions, and introducing its customers too sophisticated yet affordable creative tools. This will put their upcoming platforms on the warpath against Adobe’s ‘Premiere Rush’ video-editing app.

Under the partnership model, While MWM will take care of the app development teams’ hiring and marketing concerns, the other party will get indirect access to the French tech giant’s partner network, content usage rights and any applicable global licensing agreements. These developers can also get their projects tested through the company, before launching them into the market.

“At MWM’s core is the vision to make creativity accessible to everyone without limitations. When I was an aspiring DJ in college over 10 years ago, it was very difficult to have access to the best equipment. That inspired my best friend and me to create Editing Mix, which enables users to create mixes with smartphones or tablets,” said MWM CEO and Co-Founder Jean-Baptiste Hironde.

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