Global smart grid solution provider, Networked Energy Services Corporation (NES) with Energy Applications Platform (EAP) announced the launch of new software solutions: Grid Watch and Grid Operations.

“We are committed to industry leading smart metering solutions, and we recognise that the industry should do more to make smart grids secure, by design rather than chance. This includes simplifying operations so the benefits of smart grid can be realised globally, and also simplifying deployment and upgrade of smart meters to address the world’s energy challenges,” said David Thomson, NES President and CEO. “NES is leading the industry by introducing new software and services solutions dedicated to this purpose.”

Grid Watch provides security teams with distinct indicators of cyber threat by analysing information from smart meters. As a result, it becomes easier for smart meter operators to understand the ‘threat landscape’. This will improve their response mechanism to threat and attack.

“By introducing these new capabilities, NES is setting an enhanced standard for smart meter vendors”, Jon Wells, VP Customer Solutions of NES said. “Smart metering is no longer a race to deploy meters. It is about making it practical to deploy meters securely in the challenging global environments we face, and introducing smart energy into new emerging markets where energy efficiency benefits the global community. NES’s new software and service offerings make this possible.”