New Chief Executive Guillaume Faury is introducing fundamental changes to Airbus management structure and a manifesto for factory modernisation, according to Bloomberg. The move comes at the right time when the European aeronautics company enters into a competitive phase with Boeing. “We are in a period of exceptional change in our industry and we need to prepare Airbus for the opportunities and challenges ahead,” Faury said in a statement.

With that, Airbus is expected to shift focus from its rivalry with Boeing to implementing advanced production methods, based on Faury’s expertise in manufacturing and research at Peugeot. Currently, Airbus has a slew of orders for its A320 Neo, which competes with Boeing’s 737 MAX. “I see fantastic challenges…we have to invent new production systems and leverage the power of data,” Faury said.

Faury’s immediate strategy is to encourage Airbus’ 130,000 staff after a series of events including a multinational bribery probe and an internal investigation.

According to Reuters, more than 100 people were dismissed from the company for ethics and compliance reasons. Faury will head a fairly new team following a series of internal changes including scheduled retirements and an ongoing clearout.