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New deal signed by Safeture with Insured Nomads, a global insurtech

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Sweden-based Safeture, a Software as a Service (SaaS) company signs a new deal with Insured Nomads - global insurtech

Sweden-based Safeture, a Software as a Service (SaaS) company pitched into an agreement with Insured Nomads, a US/ EU based insurtech company, according to the media. Insured Nomads, founded in 2009 is the first insurtech company that focuses on remote employees, digital nomads, expatriates and travellers.

Now, Insured Nomads, with the assistance of the technology from Safeture can provide and additionally extend policyholders with an improved set of services and advantages best suited to the wants of the new normal. Primarily, the agreement extends for three years and provides Safeture $500,000+ besides further revenue with membership growth. The collaboration begins on April 1, 2021.

Though operating remotely became the need of the hour and viewed as a perk, a recent survey of working professionals explicit that 47 percent of respondents will allow remote work on a full-time basis. This demand will increase the requirement to ensure that employees are safe and protected regardless of their geographic point.

Allen Koski, President and Chief Innovation Officer at Insured Nomads said to the media, “The global and remote work lifestyle has been a growing sector but has been accelerated due to the pandemic. By adding Safeture’s technology, we give our policyholders an increased level of security and instant protection while travelling, all within a native app for our Juvo experience.”

Insured Nomads expects to offer its policyholders a blended and unique suite of services with the help of Sateture’s technology. Including custom tech, insurance, counselling, telemedicine, global location intelligence, SOS/ panic button response with boots on the ground, the duty of care and more as part of the Juvo branded app experience.

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