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Oman Logistics Center launches cloud-based technology initiative

Oman Tawseel
Tawseel will empower startups and SMEs in Oman in the last mile delivery space

Oman Logistics Center has announced the launch of a national cloud-based technology initiative called Tawseel to help logistics companies in the Sultanate to adopt the latest logistics solutions.

Tawseel is designed to empower startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Oman in the last mile delivery space and help to increase their efficiency.

The new technology will also lower their capital expenditure costs by outsourcing back-end IT systems to cloud service providers.

Tawseel is supported by Oman Logistics Center (ASYAD), Oman’s flagship logistics group, that has partnered with cloud service providers such as Oman Data Park, NXS, and Data 2 Cloud offering the latest last-mile delivery solutions from the likes of Mile Solutions, Kale Logistics, and Tookan-Jungleworks.

Recently, Oman Data Park (ODP) has also launched a logistics platform in partnership with Mile Solutions to optimise last-mile delivery in the sultanate.

The platform, called Imdad, will enable businesses such as ecommerce companies, restaurants, and grocers optimise their delivery operations and increase efficiency.

Eng. Maqbool Al Wahaibi, Chief Executive Officer of ODP, told the media, “ODP and Mile Solutions are proud to launch ‘Imdad’ logistic platform via the ‘Tawseel’ initiative in the Oman Logistics Platform, designed to support SMEs offering logistics services locally.”

“As a unified platform managing all delivery and logistics operations, our ‘Imdad’ platform is launched considering the economic growth in this sector backed by a strong and flexible Delivery Management platform supporting effective logistics management. Our partnership with Mile Solutions brings forward the latest in logistics management software, which enable customers to leverage the power of technology and achieve excellence in logistics services.”

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