Jirani Smart, a microfinance institution founded to offer better financial and non-financial services to the unbanked, joins Oradian’s global community of visionary financial institutions with 15,000 end-clients. Jirani Smart’s mission is to increase their clients’ income levels and uplift their standards of living in rural areas of Kenya. Currently in the implementation and training phase of Oradian’s digital toolset, Jirani Smart is fast-tracking the digitisation of its operations and now has access to global best practices in microfinance.

“Jirani Smart chose Oradian as our digital provider because Oradian is experienced across African markets. Oradian offers the best cloud-banking system designed to overcome the business challenges of microfinance. We chose them as partners because we believe in their solutions,” stated Kennedy Muthama, Director and co-founder of Jirani Smart.

Worldwide, 2bn adults and 160mn small businesses still lack access to basic banking services. But rapid technological development in frontier markets like Kenya is driving a sharp rise in access to digital and mobile technologies—and fostering a wave of visionary financial institutions to unlock financial access for the ‘unbanked’. Oradian partners with these institutions, offering a cloud-based toolset that enables them to bypass legacy technology and instantly access affordable, world-class technology infrastructure.

“We started ZMF to serve people in our community. For so long, people in Myanmar have not had any opportunity to shape their own destiny. Now, we have the chance to empower these people to improve their own lives. Instafin is going to help us to be more efficient in serving our clients, and with the team of industry pundits at Oradian behind us, we intend to serve many more in the future”, explained Go Suan, CEO at Zozam Microfinance Company.

Antonio Separovic, CEO and co-founder of Oradian, explained: “The pace and scale of Oradian’s growth are an important benchmark for the industry, demonstrating why momentum around financial inclusion is growing. While the role of regulation and central banks still warrant closer examination, it’s clear that technology will drive a huge and global shift in access to banking services.”

“We’re delighted to welcome Jirani Smart to our growing global community of pioneering financial institutions and enter our 10th market in the process. With our toolset, we aim to not only provide Jirani Smart a world-class technical solution, but also international and on-the-ground expertise in implementation and best practices.”