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Portland sees new opportunities for healthcare

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Conversa Health has added $8 million to a $12 million investment round that was announced last summer

Portland startup Conversa Health has added $8 million to a $12 million investment round that was announced last summer. Conversa Health helps healthcare providers assess patients online.

It is reported that the startup has now raised $34 million in total. The amount is quite significant for an early-stage startup, in line with the country’s business standards, media reports said. The latest investment round was led by Builders VC and Northwell Ventures. 

At present, Conversa employs 34 staff, of which 22 of them are in Portland. Also, the majority of the startup’s top executives work in Portland, according to media reports. They include Chairman West Shell and chief strategy officer Phil Marshall, who are also the company’s co-founders. 

In recent years, telehealth companies have been booming and the pandemic has added to their advantages. Many countries around the world have promoted the  telehealth landscape, especially in light of the pandemic. That said, another Portland firm BerryDunn has acquired VantagePoint Healthcare Advisors, a Connecticut-based healthcare compliance, consulting and credentialing firm. 

BerryDunn Principal Jeff Walla said in the release, “We’re both dedicated to offering industry-specific expertise that helps our mutual clients gain control in a changing healthcare environment. This merger will benefit clients of both firms.”

With the merger, VantagePoint Healthcare Advisors will operate under the BerryDunn name, media reports said. Both firms have been closely working to serve healthcare clients, especially with VantagePoint Healthcare Advisors’ expertise in healthcare compliance. BerryDunn, on the other hand, provides tax, financial, business consulting and IT services.

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