Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke of privacy being a human right and the company would ensure the use is ‘always in control’, of their data.

In his keynote address at the annual Microsoft Build 2018 conference, which gathered thousands of software developers from India and other countries, Nadella said computing has become an important part of everything.

“The world is becoming a computer. Computing is getting embedded in every person, place and thing,” he added.

In addition, “We are focused on three core pillars, first privacy. Privacy is a human right. We at Microsoft have enshrined a set of principles that ensure that we preserve this human right, protect this human right.”

“We ensure that when we use data, it is to benefit the user. We ensure that the user is always in control of their data and its use.

“If you think about the sheer computing power that is getting distributed, and how that computing power is being used to collect data, fuse sensor data, reason over that data, create the rich experiences throughout our life, it’s pretty stunning.

“That’s the opportunity that we have. It’s in some sense endless We have the responsibility to ensure that these technologies are empowering everyone. These technologies are creating equitable growth by ensuring that every industry is able to grow and create employment,” he concluded