The giant boom of mobile payment

Using cash as a form of payment is gradually being replaced with numerous kinds of modern options such as credit card, debit card, mobile banking and Internet banking. More recently, a hugely popular payment mode is QRPay – one of the most modern, convenient and safe application today. The popularity of smartphones in the era of technology has brought the “golden opportunity” for QRPay to become a sought-after payment mode in Vietnam.

While using his form of payment, the buyer can enjoy the benefits of the service: they do not need to carry cash and cards, they only need to carry a smartphone. Moreover, there are two steps needed to complete the payment: log in their account on banking applications, scan QR code and authenticate the transaction.

For a store owner, managing transactions will become more effective, especially with traditional cash receipts as accurate transactions not only allow easy operation, but also reduce risks associated with cash storage. The most important is when customers enjoy the convenience offered to them as business owners will have access to opportunities to push sales, enhance the quality of competition, and attract new customers.

QRPay in PVcomBank – A breakthrough payment solution in the financial market

Banks are racing to develop QRPay and promote the introduction, bringing this payment method to consumers such as VietinBank, PVcomBank and VIB, For example, PVcombank officially launched PV-QRPay – a modern payment solution for buyers and sellers. By recognizing the trend of 4.0 with the goal of continuous improvement, PVcombank expects PV-QRPay will bring PVcomBank to become a partner that provides the best financial solutions to customers in the near future.

With PV-QRPay, both individual customers and small business owners can pay using QR Codes for many services ranging from transfers, bill payments as well as to purchase recreational and purchase services. Besides, customers can also manage their transactions easily, receive full and accurate sales reports.

In addition, PVcomBank also offers to PV-QRPay partners with attractive benefits, such as free register while using their services, free employee training and free monthly service-maintenance.

With the aim to the customers and to increase competitiveness, PVcomBank is continuing to promote research and development of new products and services on the basis of modern technology, optimizing products and services to bring convenient for users.

Hoang Dung, an accountant at Hanoi said that the method of payment via QRPay not only makes payments modern and safe, but also limits the number of operations needed by users to complete a transaction.

According to experts, with outstanding advantages, QRPay will create a new revolution in mobile payment in Vietnam. Modern society is constantly developing, individual consumers can utilize useful tools such as QRPay to improve their quality of life. In addition, business owners also need to catch up this trend to serve customers better, contribute to improve business efficiency.