The platform is built on key innovative foundations, including cross-chain order architecture and fast order-book based on memory ledger, enabling any company to build a decentralised trading platform on the QUANTA Blockchain Infrastructure.

QUANTA Chain is different to existing platforms which are yet to find the ultimate solution to real time asset trading. QUANTA Chain delivers near-instantaneous, on-chain order matching  (at <1 sec latency) and enables cross-chain transactions, which prevents other DEXs from infinite scalability. QUANTA Chain provides access to vast pools of liquidity across any token and any blockchain as subsecond speed.

QUANTA will also launch QUANTA DEX in December 2018, the first truly decentralised asset exchange, allowing users to trade in real time on a public blockchain. With 300k+ registrations, this is a hotly anticipated release which will showcase the underlying technology of QUANTA Chain.

Existing decentralised exchanges (DEX) are slow, and unusable for real-time trading, resulting in only 1% of all cryptocurrency trading taking plan on a DEX. The challenge to building fast, scalable, digital asset exchanges, is an I/O problem that today’s general ledger blockchain technology will never have the capability to solve. The single most critical factor limiting the wider adoption of DEXs is the lack of liquidity, caused in part by blockchains working and developing in silo.

The team behind QUANTA comprises of software engineers, and product executives from Netflix, eBay, Google and PayPal, GfyCat, Tango, among other software and enterprise giants.

“QUANTA is on a mission to develop the first public blockchain infrastructure to provide instant liquidity many orders of magnitude faster than existing solutions” said Quoc Le, Co-founder and CEO. “We predicted that current blockchains were not suitable to built the fastest decentralised exchange and Mr Vitalik Buterin recently confirmed when he said: “Every Present-Day” blockchain sucks. We are building a public blockchain with the fastest order-matching which provides a true alternative to the centralised exchanges which still dominate, and a DEX which abides by the ethos of egalitarian blockchain technology.”

Co-founder and Director of Marketing and Operations, Afonso Barbosa, added: “Tokens are in development across every prominent vector of innovation, and every economic sector where entrepreneurs are exploring the adoption of a token-powered business strategy. We have the technical expertise and vision within our QUANTA team to deliver a solution which meets the needs of an ever-expanding, rapidly advancing and technologically evolutionary demands of asset exchange on blockchain. We are working with a number of market leading partners to provide the most comprehensive blockchain infrastructure for DEX available today and we welcome all blockchains to partner with us and increase their liquidity”