To do this, the NYSE listed company announced the launch of an investment platform

September 8, 2014: RCS Capital Corporation (NYSE: RCAP) on Monday announced the launch of “We Are Crowdfunding,” a Crowdfunding 2.0 investment platform designed to provide investors direct access to high calibre, institutional quality public and private investment offerings.

We Are Crowdfunding will offer a full spectrum of expertly screened investment opportunities, including public and private real estate investments offered as mutual funds, interval funds, private fund vehicles and other individual real estate investments.  A variety of new investments will continue to be added to the platform. RCAP anticipates that these opportunities will include products with a range of liquidity features, price transparency and benefits, including access to institutional quality real estate, waiver of sales charges and minimum investment amounts lowered for certain investments, including mutual funds, and interval funds.

Nicholas S. Schorsch, Executive Chairman of the Board of RCAP, said, “I am thrilled to announce the launch of We Are Crowdfunding, a next-generation Internet-based investment platform dedicated to bringing institutional-quality investments and investor support to the crowdfunding market. At its core, We Are Crowdfunding is an extension of the principles underpinning RCAP’s approach to distributing investment solutions – providing retail investors with clarity, confidence, transparency and trust.  With a focus on high calibre, institutional-quality investments and access to expert advice and support from the over 9,700 financial advisors on the RCAP retail advice platform, We Are Crowdfunding goes beyond the traditional limited choices currently available.  We believe that We Are Crowdfunding not only puts investors in control of their own investments, but furnishes those investors with an exemplary selection of investment solutions from which to choose. We expect We Are Crowdfunding will set the bar, not simply by offering superior choices, but superior support, transparency and next-generation technology to lead the crowdfunding industry in its future growth and development.”

We Are Crowdfunding will offer a broad selection of investment opportunities for accredited and non-accredited investors that creates a full suite of investment opportunities, including direct access to public and private offerings, including Regulation A and Regulation D offerings, mutual funds and closed-end fund offerings, in a variety of industries and sectors. Coupled with its range of liquidity features, pricing transparency and investment minimums, We Are Crowdfunding is expected to offer superior investment choices and puts investors in control of their investments.

State of the art transactional capabilities

The unique technology powered by Trupoly, a New York-based white label investor relationship manager, affords an intuitive user experience. “We believe the open architecture platform and simple accreditation process differentiates We Are Crowdfunding from other crowdfunding websites,” Schorsch said.

It allows users access to industry professionals, independent research and educational materials. The specialised investor management portal also acts as a unique referral source, allowing the more than 9,700 financial advisors on the RCAP retail advice platform to introduce specific users to products that best address their specific investment needs.

Michael Weil, RCAP’s President, said, “Through We Are Crowdfunding, we believe RCAP is positioned to lead the crowdfunding revolution. Unlike many platforms, We Are Crowdfunding connects investors to advisors, streamlines the qualification process, provides access to educational and independent research materials and offers a wide range of options and investment minimums. In addition, it has the capability of offering RCAP affiliated and unaffiliated third party investment products, further diversifying the variety of investment alternatives available to retail investors. Once again, RCAP intends to bring its considerable resources to bear in order to raise the bar in delivering a suite of high-quality investment solutions to the retail investor.”

About RCAP

RCS Capital Corporation is an investment firm expressly focused on the retail investor. It is engaged in the wholesale distribution, investment banking and capital markets businesses and a research business focused on alternative investments. Following the closing of recent acquisitions of independent broker-dealers and an investment manager, RCAP is also engaged in the independent retail advice and investment management businesses.

RCAP’s business is designed to capitalise, support, grow and manage direct investment and alternative investment programs, and to serve independent financial advisors and their clients.

Source: RCS Capital Corporation

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