Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions launched Phantom—a platform for SMEs to outline their “digital transformation journey” for “manufacturing plants, machine intelligence and energy analytics,” reported PCQuest.

Swaminathan K, VP, Sales and Marketing, RBEI, said: “Bosch Phantom stands behind the Indian SME sector to significantly improve their machine efficiency which is the cornerstone to secure India’s digital future.” In addition, the technology will provide feedback on safety and maintenance, and early warnings on malfunctions.

Vijay Ratnaparkhe, President and Managing Director of RBEI, said, “Phantom will help SMEs jump-start their digital transformation journey. RBEI’s vision is to provide smart solutions for the globe and the Phantom is a step in that direction.”

Phantom is designed with a purpose to be deployed in multiple industries looking to kick-start a digital journey.

“The true benefits of Industry 4.0/Connected Industry will be realized when there is a seamless integration of the entire value stream that includes partners (such as suppliers, logistics providers). Phantom is a platform that provides for this inclusivity in realising Industry 4.0. SME’s do not have to be left out due to constraints of the cost of ownership of technology or talent. They can get on the Phantom platform and pace their journey of Industry4.0 and strive for global competitiveness in cost and quality”, said Dattatri Salagame, VP of Domain Digital at RBEI.