2014 and the beginning of 2015 was a time of ups and downs for the financial markets. Experts from FBS Brokerage Company believe that the second half of the year promises to be positive for trading

September 30, 2015: The entire 2015, despite some cautious forecasts of economic development, promises to bring many new opportunities for currency trading. But many are concerned about the unstable situation in the world today. What can we expect in the coming months?

The main trends of the year

Not so long ago, the markets were shaken by the decision of the Swiss National Bank to abandon the peg for franc to euro. The decision led to the closure of many brokerage companies. This situation has shown us the great leaders who nevertheless provided its clients with excellent income and continued to receive prestigious awards even during a crisis.

Analysts at FBS company, “The best broker in Asia- Pacific region”, recommend paying close attention in the near future to the leading currency pairs — dollar, euro, pound, yen and franc. In addition, experts say, the world is now seeing the growing importance of the Chinese yuan.

The dollar is not losing ground

China is increasingly using the yuan as a source of payment with its foreign trade partners, and the authorities continue to carry out the gradual liberalisation of the exchange rate regime so that the yuan is included in the IMF’s currency. As a result, in December, the yuan entered the Top 5 most used currency by SWIFT, beating the Canadian and Australian dollars.

It is noteworthy that in the spring of last year, a memorandum was signed in London, on the development of clearing and settlement services in renminbi — City wants to become the leading center trading with yuan outside of Asia. It speaks about the success of the yuan and strengthens the position of the British capital as one of the leading financial centers of the world.

Yen comes to terms with the situation

For a long time the Japanese currency rate weakened against the backdrop of an extremely loose monetary policy pursued by the Japanese leadership. Given this fact, although the Bank of Japan has not achieved its objectives, we can expect the new regulator’s actions to pursue in that direction and a new round of the yen down. Experts at FBS Brokerage Company note that traders can look forward to excellent profits from trading with the yen pairs.

The situation in the world

Geopolitics has great influence on the Forex market — the tension in Ukraine, mutual sanctions Russia and Western countries,and the negative associated with the activities of the Islamic State. Also, let us not forget about the commodity market, first of, about the great importance of oil for the exchange rates. Excess supply caused a sharp fall of oil prices in the second half of 2014 and only in early part of 2015 did the prices manage to stabilise.

Advice for investors

Investments — another way to increase their capital. Leading world experts recommend paying attention to Asia and the Middle East — the most attractive regions in 2015, where there is every opportunity for success.

The Asian region

Today, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of the Asian region in the world. In 2015, Asia will maintain the excellent level by international standards, despite the fact that the year may show low rates of growth.

Overall, the currency market is constantly evolving, the number of retail investors has been steadily increasing, and there is every reason to believe that in the coming years this trend will continue.

It is noteworthy, that the development of the economies in South East Asia takes place against the background of a clear decline of economic growth in neighbouring Japan.

Watching the volatility of currencies in Asia, well known brokers, like FBS, are expanding their range of tools available through the introduction of new currency pairs and CFD. For example, the company offers trading in indices of Malaysia — one of the most powerful economies — as well as the index of Hong Kong.

The Middle East

Middle East is a very interesting region for investment, given the wealth of the Muslim world. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are the countries who may boast the most for the highest investment attractiveness — conditions continue to improve for businesses and there is an active policy for economic development. The region is very heterogeneous; there are stable areas, suchas the UAE and areas with tension, such as Yemen.

Cooperation with brokers

The possibilities for earning in 2015 are endless. It can be concluded that, since the possibilities for traders depend directly on the proposals of forex companies – a positive picture is formulating. Companies strive to meet all the standards set by the regulators, competition is fair, and services – all profitable. This creates a huge advantage for traders. To recall, FBS company, the experts who provided these forex recommendations in 2015, were awarded “The Best Broker in Asia and the Pacific of 2014” by the International Finance Magazine.