Tuesday, Jan 31, 2023
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TE Asia Healthcare to expand single-specialty centres in Malaysia

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According to its CEO, some of the specialties that could be further developed are oncology, cardiology and dermatology

Private healthcare investment and operation platform TE Asia Healthcare is mulling expanding its regional network of single-specialty centres in the country, media reports said. TE Asia runs specialty centres providing services for different fields such as oncology, cardiology and orthopaedics.

According its chief executive officer Eng Aik Meng, the company could expand in specialties such as oncology, cardiology, orthopaedics, dental, aesthetics and dermatology. In Malaysia, TE Asia Healthcare runs the Beacon Hospital for oncology, Cardiac Vascular Sentral Kuala Lumpur for cardiology, and it is transforming HSC Medical Centre in Ampang into a specialty orthopaedic centre.

He told the media, “Our strategy is to establish single-specialty hospitals that bring clinician expertise and healthcare operators together to deliver efficient and high-quality care. Having successfully developed specialty hospitals in cardiology, oncology and orthopaedics in the last three years, we will continue to explore other specialties in Malaysia – as the country has an aging population, rising affluence and increasing life expectancy – driving stronger demand for specialty services.”

Last week, Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced a nationwide travel ban and a 14 day lockdown in the capital and five states, as the country sees a surge in coronavirus cases. Health officials say the current wave of infections that started in September could see daily cases grow to as many as 8,000 by May if strict curbs are not imposed. The Prime Minister even said that the healthcare system in the country is at a breaking point.

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