In the acronym-heavy world of telecom expense management (TEM) there is one in particular that you should give ample attention. That is MACD (Move, Add, Change, Disconnect). MACD is essential because the proper use of it will save your company valuable time and money avoiding mistakes and duplicates.

Why MACD Tracking Is Important 

MACD numbers reveal how often your company is engaged in different operational transactions related to telecom on a daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. In the fast-paced business environments, employees telecom packages are continually being introduced, terminated, upgraded, and reassessed. If this process does not happen efficiently, which is so often the case given the somewhat chaotic state of telecom management in many office environments, your business may be less efficient and more redundant.

MACD Management In A Nutshell

If your telecom is adequately tracked you’ll be able to terminate an employee’s telecom consulting services the hour they leave the office on their last day of work. Understanding your own telecom needs and what each employee needs and when means you can get new employees activated with the appropriate telecom services the day they step foot through the door.

Wouldn’t it be nice knowing precisely what phone with what services you will be giving them without doing any research? A smart MACD management system will provide you with all the information you need based on the inventory of everyone else in the company based on position.

Hiring out MACD Management

Sometimes you can efficiently track MACD in-house. But often this kind of management takes up a lot of working hours you can spend doing things that are more related to your company’s bottom line. If you do choose to hire out your MACD management, there are a few things you should look for.

If you already have a TEM provider, check to see if they provide MACD management as well. Some TEM providers do not offer MACD management. Many do. Having a TEM provider manage your MACD makes sense for the following reason. A TEM provider is already intimately aware of all your internal and external facing telecom, what suits your company best, and what employees need what and when. Adding the MACD portion to the TEM side of the house helps to keep the process of activating, changing, and deleting services fluid.

If you don’t already have a TEM provider, consider hiring one for your MACD management as well as the following services: telecom inventory management, invoice processing, carrier services negotiation and disputes, internal auditing, new service and equipment upgrade and evaluation, chargeback management, etc.

Getting Rid of Redundancies

Effective management of your Telecom and MACD means no more spending money on operating outdated equipment your company doesn’t use anymore. It involves providing the appropriate telecom equipment and telecom audit services to the employees who most need them and getting rid of the material and services they just don’t use. It means understanding with exactness what your company is consuming regarding telecom services and equipment so that you can regularly evaluate if your telecom plan is optimized for your business.