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Three UK offers new 5G plan starting with home broadband

Three UK 5G
With the new plan, Three UK has joined EE and Vodafone in providing ultrafast 5G network in UK

Three UK, a British telecommunications and internet service provider, announced its new 5G live plan which will start through home broadband in various parts of London.

Three UK’s 5G plan has brought the company on par with EE and Vodafone in providing ultrafast 5G mobile network across the country. The 5G plan has currently started only in home broadband connections and will gradually be transferred to mobile networks.

Three UK is launching a single 5G home broadband plan which requires the customers to pay €35 per month for a 1 year contract. Three UK announced that it will launch 5G network providing unlimited data with no additional cost to its subscribers, for all their contracts and mobile plans.

Three UK announced that it will continue to provide faster networks at the same cost despite the new plan costing the company extra money. The company said that its network connection will be two times faster than other operators providing 5G networks.

Three UK holds more 5G friendly radio spectrum than any other operator, lending authenticity to its claim of providing a faster network than its rivals.

Three UK can harness a 100 MHz block of contiguous spectrum in the 3.4- 3.5 GHz band, known as a sweet spot for 5G. Meanwhile Vodafone has 50 MHz of 5G spectrum while EE and O2 have 40MHz of 5G spectrum.

Three UK recently offered an unlimited 4G package for home broadband connections at €22 per month. The company also has a wireless internet service provider (ISP) brand called Three Broadband. Both home broadband connection and wireless ISP is expected to benefit from Three UK’s new 5G plan.

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