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Trump administration is negatively impacting the world economy

73.9 percent of the participants of a survey conducted by the Munich-based ifo Institute stated this opinion

Exactly one year after Donald Trump’s election international economics experts believe that the US President is negatively influencing the world economy. In a survey of 929 experts in 120 countries conducted by the Munich-based ifo Institute, 73.9 percent of participants stated this opinion. 57.6 percent of experts surveyed also believe that the government is negatively impacting the US economy, with social justice and climate protection as the hardest hit areas. 73.5 percent of WES experts worldwide and 61.2 percent of experts in the USA believe that the poor stand to lose out the most from the policy measures that have been announced and those already implemented to date.

Trump’s administration also scores poorly in international trade, cooperation in multilateral organisations, as well as in peace and security. Experts in neighbouring countries Canada and Mexico, as well as in Ireland claim that the US has a particularly bad influence on their countries.

In the October World Economic Survey (WES), however, domestic experts saw the influence of the Trump administration as less negative on the US economy. Only 38.0 percent of experts in the US said that Trump’s presidency is having a negative economic impact domestically. They do, however, believe that the Trump administration is ineffective or damaging US domestic policy. US experts see the least damaging results in employment policy, which 8.0 percent assess negatively and 84.0 percent believe deem ineffective, in the business climate (negative: 11.1 percent, ineffective: 51.8 percent) and in reducing bureaucracy (negative: 8.0 percent, ineffective: 68.0 percent).

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