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UAE’s AI strategy to establish itself as global testing platform by 2031

The UAE Cabinet expects AI applications to drive the national GDP and create new economic opportunities

The UAE recently launched  a ‘national strategy’ to establish itself as a global AI testing platform by 2031—providing advanced services, training, and academic programmes.

Economic sectors including resources and energy, logistics and transportation, tourism and hospitality, healthcare and cyber security will immediately benefit from the initial phase of the strategy, a local news agency reports.

Its AI applications are also expected to boost the national GDP in the coming years, creating new economic opportunities. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, said: “We have launched a national strategy for artificial intelligence to make it an integral part of our business, our lives and our government services.”

The strategy’s eight objectives include: reaffirming UAE’s position as a global hub for artificial intelligence, increasing the competitive edge of the AI sector in the UAE, establishing an incubator for AI innovations, employing AI in the field of customer services to improve the quality of life, attracting and training talents for jobs of the future, attracting leading research capabilities, providing a data-driven infrastructure to support AI experiments, and optimising AI governance and regulations.

The Emirates Council for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transactions, along with a number of local and federal entities will oversee the strategy implementation.

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