National Grid is moving toward artificial intelligence to maintain wires and pylons that transmit electricity across the UK. Over the past two years, the firm has been using six drones in order to examine overhead lines across 7200 miles in England and Wales, reports The Guardian. 

John Pettigrew, National Grid’s chief executive, said: “That [the AI] will determine the overall condition of the asset and whether it needs to replaced or repaired. We are just developing this as a prototype. When we talk about digitisation it’s real practical engineering-type stuff we’re doing.”

The company even partnered with UK startup Keen Ai in an effort to better the system in many ways. “The results improve greatly as we supply more images to the application,” the firm said.

“Many investors today are global, they can choose to invest in the UK, the US or Europe,” Pettigrew added. “The changes are likely to reduce some headcount.”