The fast-growing Brighton based cross-border VAT compliance and consulting practiceworks with international businesses to help companies manage complex VAT obligations.

More than 50% of Accordance’s clients are based in mainland Europe, and more than 50% of staff are EU nationals.

VAT is a rapidly increasing revenue generator for tax authorities in the EU and beyond. Legislation is constantly changing; legal complexity and technological challenges are common. Brexit will not make the position easier for companies trading into or out of the UK. Even so, Accordance believes that enabling its multi-disciplinary teams to work together with clients makes clarity possible.

Nicholas Hallam, Accordance CEO, said: ‘We want our clients to be at home in Europe. The vast majority of companies want to be good tax citizens and meet their VAT obligations in the most efficient way possible. It’s surprisingly hard for them to do this. We believe that we can better achieve our objective of helping growing businesses to trade with confidence across the EU by having a presence in Amsterdam. Though this is an expansion we were intending anyway, Brexit makes it even more important that we work to reduce the burdens on international business.’

Lucy Franklin, Sales Director, said: ‘Amsterdam has an historic association with international trade, and has had enormous success in attracting foreign investment and global business. It’s a natural fit for us culturally and commercially: we feel it’s a perfect home for our new office.’