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International Finance Magazine - January 2020 Issue

January – February 2020 Issue

Alinma Investment: Building sophisticated products for the Saudi investor

Alinma Investment Company is dynamically creating investment products for one of the youngest and most…

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November- December 2019 Issue

Virtual banks in Singapore and Hong Kong: Who has the edge?

Hong Kong And Singapore Are Licencing Virtual Banks To Serve The Underserved And Unhappily Served – With Different Approaches

September – October 2019 Issue

Fintech startups play a key role in Saudi Vision 2030

The Kuwaiti Bank Is Venturing On A Distinct Path In The Gulf Region With A Proactive Stance On Cybersecurity And Fintech Innovation

July – August 2019 Issue

Ahli United Bank a regional trailblazer in using technology for leadership

Saudi Arabia Is Building A Fintech Ecosystem From Ground Up – What Are The Kingdom’s Challenges And Advantages?

May – June 2019 Issue

Four reasons why Oman’s Islamic banking sector is growing faster than the conventional one

Oman Adopted Islamic Banking Late; But Islamic Banking Is Displaying Robust Growth In The Sultanate – We Find Out Why

March – April 2019 Issue

The impact of Trump’s trade war on Japan and the global supply chain

Economists Are Optimistic That The Japanese Economy Will Make Advancements In Supply Chain, Even As The Political Tension Between The US And China Continues.

January – February 2019 Issue

Australia’s Banking Sector On The Brink Of Change

Australia’s Banking Sector Is At The Precipice Of A Major Change, Ahead If Its National Elections And Submission Of The Royal Commission Report

November – December 2018 Issue

China’s cross-border business map – is it too ambitious?

China Is Developing One Of The Most Expansive Road And Sea Trade Routes. How Will It Pan Out?

September – November 2018 Issue

Providing Kenya an alternate financial lifeline

Bancor’s Newest Technology Initiative Can Enable Kenya’s Financial Inclusion

July – August 2018 Issue

Italy spirals into crisis as politics takes a toll on economy

The Big Question Is: Will The Appointment Of Giuseppe Conte As The New PM Appease Matters?

May – June 2018 Issue

Europe introduces General Data Protection Regulation for business

The GDPR For Business Will Tighten Customer Privacy, And Have A Far-Reaching Impact On Businesses

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